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MFORM develops

MFORM develops

The mould is the solution. Together with our customers, we solve problems. In this process, our customers are accompanied by the engineers and technicians of our design department who create technological developments with maximum customer benefit.

Only if imagination goes hand in hand with technological know-how, can innovation take place, at times even making the apparent impossible possible. Our outstanding customer support comprises advisory service regarding the choice of material, design, and construction of the mould as well as effective further processing.

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The process of design thinking

Every good idea is based on good planning. We plan, document, evaluate and validate all development projects and their results on the basis of DIN EN ISO 13485.

Development planning

Mform plans and directs development. Where appropriate, documents for development planning are maintained and updated during the development process. The rules for the communication with the customers are planned and documented.


Development input

Definition and documentation of development input. Any input with regard to production requirements is determined and records are maintained. They involve e.g. functional, performance, usage and safety requirements. Applicable standards and requirements as well as risk management.

Development results

Documentation of development results. They meet the requirements and contain the information necessary for the procurement, production and provision of services.

Development evaluation

Evaluation of development results. At appropriate stages systematic development evaluations are carried out according to planned and documented rules.

Validation and verification of development

The verification and validation of development results are carried out in accordance with planned and documented rules in order to make sure that the resulting product will meet the requirements of the specified application or the intended use.